God’s Not Dead 2 Review

2 Timothy3:12

Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.

God’s Not Dead hit the big screen back in 2014. The first movie was about a college student named Josh  Wheaton[Shane Harper] who  faced  a challenge from his philosophy professor Kevin Sorbo] to find evidence and facts to show his belief that God is not dead.  The success from the first movie has brought us to the sequel God’s Not Dead 2.  Today I saw God’s Not Dead 2. Not only did I like this film, but I think I liked this one somewhat more than the first.

God’s Not Dead 2 portrays a high school history teacher[ played by Melissa Joan Hart] who is in a heated  trial  over her right to speak about God in her classroom.  One day in class she’s asked a question about Jesus from a student named  Brooke Thawley[ played by Hayley  Orrantia]. Brooke’s brother recently died which left her with questions.  She spoke to Grace Wesley outside of class about what makes her teacher so optimistic. This lead to Grace, mentioning Jesus which lead to the question about Jesus in her classroom. The PC none believing crowd who runs the school gets so upset by her opinion they want to remove her from the school. In the court room the battle between what is politically correct and what is Biblical begins.

If you read a review of this film on Rotten Tomato’s or some atheist site they’ll probably tell you to never watch this film, because it is so religious and bigoted. I’ve never seen why an atheist would review a faith based film since they’re most likely to overlook the point of the film and trash it. As a Christian I really enjoy these type of films not only because they represent my faith, yet the movies are actually worth watching.  I enjoyed how they mentioned that separation of church and state is no where in the US constitution. The United States of America was founded by Godly men. Back in 1776 the Bible was much more important to society, so the idea that they did not want the Bible to intertwine with the government is hogwash at best. Many atheist said that God’s Not Dead  made atheist look hateful. In this film they mentioned many agnostic and atheist who have made  claims that Jesus was actually real, so that negative got washed out.


” I know men, and I tell you, Jesus  is more than a man. Comparison  is impossible between Him and any other human being  who ever lived, Because He was the son of God,” Nepoleon  Bonapart.

I also liked how Grace’s lawyer was an atheist. Atheist are not bad people.  I am totally against insulting people who think differently from me. All I ask is for them and us to be peaceful and respectful of others beliefs.

This film really spoke to me. Today we’re, living within a society that goes along with the crowd. Today popularity matters more which is sad. Like Brooke’s character they want us to be silent. Growing up, I was fearful to speak my mind. There are a lot of people who do not like being told other things. Today I am no longer afraid to speak about my faith and beliefs. Some may hate it, but they’ll have to deal with it. I am a Christian and that is the most important part of my life. No matter what anyone tells you, we have voice. We can use our voice to spread the message of Christ’s love far and wide.  After all our God is not dead he’s surely alive![ btw there is a scene at the end of the credits which leads us to wonder what the third installment will be about].

Have U seen God’s Not Dead 2? What are your thoughts on this film? God bless.


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