Talon Novel Review!

WOW! Talon is one, amazing novel. This story was terrific. From start to finish my eyes were glued to every page. So, so good! This is the  first book I have ever read which was written  by Julie Kagawa, so I do not know much else about her. Some people hated this novel, yet I enjoyed it very much!


Talon is a modern day based fantasy novel about DRAGONS!  It takes place in a beautiful beach from California.  Dragons are real and, walking[ or flying] among us.  The problem for dragons is they’re not well liked by society. There is an entire group of Dragon haters called St. George who want them all dead. I guess, burning down villages in ancient time upsets some people. Younger dragons aka hatchlings are hidden away from St. George by a group called Talon. They’re trained for which class of dragon they will work for[ I don’t want to be a viper]. There are a few main characters within Talon named Emma,  Garrett and Riley. Emma is a sixteen year old hatchling who wants to be herself and not have to worry about what being a dragon means. On the other hand, there is Garrett. Garrett was born and raised to kill every dragon he finds. Emma and Garrett wind up dating which causes a lot of friction. And then there is Riley. Riley is the bad boy who hates pretty much everyone. Born to be wild.


Overall I really enjoyed this book. Emma’s love for the sea and surfing caught my attention. I was, hoping there would be more details, describing the dragons, but whatever. The characters were entertaining although I do not really care much for Riley.  Riley shows his good side more towards the end, yet he’s still rather annoying to me. I’ll definitely be, reading more of this series soon.


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