Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Bookish People You Should Follow on Social Media

After, checking out  AdventuresofaBibliophile’s  #TopTenTuesday I knew I had to get into this tag. Btw this tag was originally created by There are many amazing bookwormish people out there, so log on to your Twitter, YouTube,  Instagram accounts and follow  these ten amazing  people after reading this entire blog! It’s great how we can connect with others from the web.#WebFriendz


  1. Sasha Alsberg aka abookutopia

Sasha is one of my favorite  Booktubers all time. She’s constantly, covering a number of novels that I have either read or long to read in the near future.  She’s like a ray of sunshine. Her videos always make me smile and LOL. Without any further ado GO FOLLOW HER RIGHT NOW!

2.Lauren Whitehead aka Reads and Dreams

Lauren is an intelligent lass from England. Not only does she cover fictional books , yet has videos about a numerous amount of topics.  She covers her interest clearly and shares her opinion without strive. I love her accent. She’s like a real life version of Hermione Granger.

3. Kat O’Keefe aka Katastic

My passion for Booktube began when I found Kat’s YouTube page. Kat has an enormous amount of books. Rooms full of books! She’s very witty and knows nearly everything about each story she reads. Like Lauren her voice is pretty amazing too. I’ve spent hours, watching her booktube. If you’re not following Kat you should be!

4. Hailey Lebianc aka HailsHeartsNYC

Another great booktuber is Hailey Lebianc. She’s from the big apple.  She’ covers both modern and classic novels. She seems really down to earth which is a big reason I enjoy her videos. She’s real and informative. She also tweets back really fast which is super cool of her.

5. Emma  aka EmmaBooks

Emma is like my most favorite booktuber of all time. She’s amazing in every single way. I’ve never known anyone else who rants like me! She has introduced me to the Mortal Instruments series which I will begin reading very soon. If you subscribe to her page you would regret it! I’d love to meet her in person someday.

Since I do not want this all to be about booktube I’ll add a few of my favorite WordPress bloggers!!!


6. Jess  Strachan


8. Erika[ I miss her so much]

9. Mugglebooks

10. JK Rowling [ She’s our queen, so of course you should be following her on twitter and everywhere else except the street cause that be creepy]


I’m extremely  happy to have these people in my life now. Growing up I did not have many people to talk about books with. If you know of a few amazing bookish people on social media, let me know I’d love to talk to them with you.



2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Bookish People You Should Follow on Social Media”

  1. Aww thank so much for mentioning my blog Matt! 🙂 WordPress is such a great place for meeting fellow bookish people! I’ll definitely check out some of those booktubers, as I’ve not really ventured into the world of booktube yet and have no idea where to start! Also so happy you’re picking up The Mortal Instruments series – it’s one of my all time favourites!! Looking forward to seeing what you think of them 🙂

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