Interstellar Film Review

Over the Easter weekend while, visiting my brother with my mom we decided [ well I kind of decided myself] to watch a movie on Hulu. Here I came across Interstellar which I had not seen before, yet heard amazing things about.  Interstellar[ Sci-Fi rated PG13] was directed by Christopher Nolan and had big stars such as Matthew Mconaughey, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway etc.


Interstellar takes place in a somewhat alternate reality  where planet earth is diseased. Dust clouds are forming everywhere.  Cooper[ Matthew Mconaughey] is an ex NASA pilot[ he never went into space tho] who now runs a farm with his father and law. He has a teenaged son  and a nine year old daughter named Murph.  Murph believes that her bedroom is being haunted by a poltergeist who creates a pattern of words on the floor. Cooper realizes that someone alive is, trying to send them a message through gravity. He figures out that this message is, coming from a secret NASA facility run by Dr. Brand[Michael caine].


Dr. Brand tells Cooper that a warmhole was created 48 years ago by higher intelligence[ probably by E.T. or Yoda]. Of course  the warmhole leads to a distant galaxy with a bunch of planets which may support human life. There were twelve volunteers who tried, reaching this wormhole before, yet they like went missing. during each mission.  Dr. Brand pleads for Cooper to go on the next mission. Why not? It’s not like he had children to look after. He can watch them graduate and get married by video, floating through space. Cooper is along side three scientist named Romilly[ David Gyasi], Doyle[ Wes Bentley] and Dr. Brand’s daughter Amelia[ Anna Hathaway] and  cool, retro robots  namedTAR and CASE. They enter space for many years, figuring out the truth behind Dr.Brand’s not so confident theory.


I’d have to give Interstellar 2.5 stars  outof 5. Interstellar was just  not my cup of tea. The story was interesting, yet the length of the film was, putting me to sleep. All the scientific terms were difficult for me to understand as well. The  outer space  within Gravity looked way better than in Interstellar.  I  did find how Cooper communicated with Murph from the bookcase as clever being such a mega bookworm.  Guess I’ll re-watch the film sometime to try to get a better  grasp on the film.  if you have watched this film let me know what your thoughts are on it.


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