Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban Review

The joy of re-reading Harry Potter continues. Prisoner of Askaban is the first HP novel I ever read, so re-reading this one always brings me nostalgia. Until last year, I always thought the girl, riding Buckbeak with Harry was Ginny, yet a fellow Potterhead friend of mine explain to me that it is actually Hermione. Fun fact huh.  Being a bit longer than the first two novels it took me a few days longer to read , so I’ll probably not be able to make these reviews as quickly as the first two reviews.  I will try to keep up, but there are so many good books to read and review, reviewing all seven HP books will take time away from my other blogs. I’ll give a very short review and leave it at that.


There is so much going on in this book that I had to take a moment to breathe.  Dementors are one of the freakiest creatures to come across in Harry Potters world. They like to suck joy from the soul? Get away please. Before, finding out the truth about Sirius Black he came across as a wicked creep. I’ve never gotten why professor McGonagall would not allow Harry to go to Hogsmeade. Rules are rules, but she knew how repulsive the Dursley’s are. I enjoy how Neville grows in each book. He comes out of his self, showing that he’s a Gryffindor more and more. Dumbledore hired Lupin to be defense against the dark arts teacher when he is a werewolf. Kind of dangerous to have around youths.

The moment where Harry learns the truth about Sirius n the shrieking shack always blows my mind. It is one of the most important scenes not only in Prisoner of Azkaban, yet the series itself.  The Marauders  transformed themselves into animagus for Lupin.  If that did not make them bff’s I am not sure what would! Still I cannot stand how they treated professor Snape. Maybe if they were nice to him and possible let him tag along he would not have been so tormented. It would of helped Harry drastically. Nice going James Potter!  Before, reading this novel again I forgot the reason why the whooping Willow is set on the Hogwarts Grounds. Dangerous tree to have around children. One of my favorite quotes from this book is when Lupin tells Hermione she’s the brightest witch of her age. I think it is insanely great how JK Rowling made her strongest female characters bright and honest.  Hermione, smacking Draco’s face was bloody brilliant. The time turner was such a cool part of this book. If only Hermione were able to keep it.

hermione draco

So that will do it for my Prisoner of Azkaban review. Hope it was still enjoyable. Let me know what your thoughts are on this book in the comments below!



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