Smallville Poem

This week in my Creative Writing class. we’re going over poetry. One of our exercises was to create a poem based off a character from either books, TV shows, movies etc. Since Batman vs Superman is, coming out on Good Friday I got the idea for a poem based on Smallvilles’ Clark Kent. Smallville is my all time favorite show, so working on this poem was very fun. I got good reviews for it from my classmates, so I hope you guys enjoy it as well. Now I have only six more poems to complete 🙂

[ This would be from Clark’s POV in season 2]

Someday I wish to come clean and tell the world all about who I really am.

Holding in this secrets is what hurts me the most.

At least I told Pete although I worry about him knowing

Who else has a best friend from outer space?

Not only are my parents not biological, yet we’re not of the same race.

The sun gives me strength to lift trucks, tractors, and buildings.

I can run from Smallville to Metropolis in a matter of minutes.

Still I wish I could learn to fly

Bullets only puncture my skin.

Someone could get hurt  if I sneeze

Small little rocks from my home planet do  make me weak.

What does my future  hold exactly?

What type of man will I eventually become?

Can I become the hero my father expects me to be?

Here I stand with all of this power, yet I can barely ask  Lana Lang, the girl of the dreams, out on a date.

Will I even graduate?

In the future when the world knows my secret they could compare me to a god

None the less, I am still only a man, but a superman.



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