Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Book Review!

Greetings muggles I hope you’re, having a lovely week. Last week I started to re-read the Harry Potter series all over again. After, finishing each of the seven HP novels I will give my review on these magical books. I finished Sorcerers Stone last week. IF you would like to read that book review go over here> https://mattdwells1994.wordpress.com/2016/03/13/harry-potter-and-the-sourcerors-stone-book-review/ This week I read from  Chamber of Secrets. First of all, Harry Potter is like the only books I can read over 100 pages from in one day. I just can never get bored of the wizarding world.



Chamber of Secrets begins with Harry back at the Dursley household. They still despise him, yet deal with his magical abilities. Harry has grown very bored. He waits patiently to return to Hogwarts and see his friends. For some reason, Ron nor Hermione had sent Harry any letters which bothers him. The book is titled Harry Potter, so why is he being treated as the third wheel?

On the night of Harry’s twelve  birthday Vernon Dursley  invites an important man over to his home for a business meeting. Harry is meant to remain in his bedroom, but we all know that is not going to happen. Harry gets visted by Dobby the Malfoy’s house elf.



Dobby urges Harry not to go back to school, yet Harry ignores his orders.  Harry finds out that it was Dobby who took all of his letters.  Bad Dobby!Dobby goes on to get Harry into big trouble which makes Harry more eager too return to Hogwarts.  Along comes Ron, Fred, and George to Harry’s rescue. They take Harry back to their home which Harry grows fond of.  Here he meets Mr. Weasley whom is very fascinated with the muggle community. Mr. Weasley also works for the ministry of magic in the misuse of muggle artifacts. With the Weasley’s, Harry is treated as a royal guest unlike at home with the Dursley. Remind me why Harry could not with with the Weasley’s? Harry Potter is like Justin Beiber to Ginny Weasley. Hermione sends Ron a letter, telling them she’ll be in Diagon Alley over the weekend, so the Weasley gang decide to go, shopping for school supplies then.  Harry finds out about floo powder although it did not work out well for him. First time for everything right?

 Harry re-appears in Borgin and Burks, a creepy shop within Knockturn Alley. Touchy place indeed.  Harry easedrops on a conversation between Draco Malfoy’s father Lucius and  and Mr.Borgins. Mr.Borgin’s could easily be Filches twin. Draco gets insulted by his father for being outmatched by a muggle born. Harry sneaks out when he gets the chance, yet sticks out like a sore thumb among Knockturn Alley shoppers. Luckily Hagrid was around. Sure he was, getting flesh eating  slug repellent, but there must be a nicer shop which sells them in other areas. Harry returns to the others, greeting Hermione. At Florish and Blotts they meet Gliderory Lockhart. Lockhart is like the most interesting man in the world and nauseating as well. Mr. Weasley nearly gets into a slug feast with Lucius in Florish and Blots, although he probably started the fight to get away from Lockhart. That is my guess anyways. Kill two birds with one stone right? Before, leaving Mr. Malfoy sticks a dirty old diary into Ginny’s cauldron.


Harry and Ron  get separated from the others when they’re suppose to be on board the Hogwarts express. The boys decide to take the flying car to Hogwarts. Sure what could go wrong? After nearly being  wacked to death by the whooping Willow Harry and Ron are given detention. Harry signs fan mail for Professor Lockhart while Ron cleans trophies for Filch. Ron gets a howler from his mum. In his 2nd year Harry begins Herbology although Hermione seem pretty adapt already. Mandrakes would destroy my hearing completely.


  Harry begins to hear noises which is strange even in the wizarding world. When Hogwarts finds out that Harry is parseltongue he starts, getting  compared to Salazar Slytherin the founder of Slytherin house.  A bunch of students get petrified by the beast which lives within the Chamber of Secrets, leaving Harry and Ron to find the source of the problem. Ron’s fear of spiders comes alive, especially when he meets Aragon. Luckily I do not have much fear of spiders, but I understand. I have a terrible fear of snakes, so I  do close my eyes a lot, during this film.


 I forgot a lot from this  book. Lockhart is so annoying, yet I do not think he’s as bad as Umbridge. I lol’d when the dwarf tackled Harry to sing him his love sonnet. In the movies they make Ron seem stupid, yet he was pretty intelligent in this book. For once harry and Ron solved everything without Hermione.  Its  funny how they change what the characters said in the movies from the novels.  Many of Hermione’s quotes from the movie are actually by Ron and vice versa. Question my theory if you please, but I’m starting to think Mrs. Norris was actually a person.

We all adore our furry friends, yet his relationship with his feline seems more than friendly. She’s the only thing that brings him joy.  Filch is one of my favorite characters. He’s so rotten and cruel, but enjoyable. Dobby is the sweetest character within Harry Potter.  He was terribly mistreated by the Malfoy’s, yet so pure in heart. If Lucius Malfoy had not given Ginny Tom Riddles diary who knows if he would have ever been freed. His death still bothers me to this day. Blogging about it will not be easy, but I have a tissue box in hand.


 What are your thoughts on the Chamber of Secrets? Comment below.


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