Harry Potter and the Sourcerors Stone Book Review!!!

Last week after, watching Harry Potter Weekend on Freeform I decided to re-read Harry Potter again. It so gave me the feels!  It took me only five days to get through Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, so I decided I will blog about each of the seven books once I finish them[YES!]. It’s amazing to think how much this book changed JK  Rowling’s life. There is an entire theme park dedicated to these books!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone has such a different feel to me compared to the later novels. The first book is so short and more childlike while the later books are also geared toward children plus youths.  It’s odd how the US version is called Sorcerer’s Stone when it’s actually called the philosophers stone, but I’m not going into that debate at this time.  The beginning  takes place with the Dursley’s, explaining their background to us. In the films I think of them as just rotten. Yes, they’re still rotten within the books, yet their reasoning for tormenting Harry so more factual. They didn’t have to like magic, yet they’re still a bunch of nasty muggles.

We meet Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall for the very first time. Dumbledore explains to McGonagall that Lily and James Potter had been murdered by Voldemort and their infant son Harry will be cared for by his aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon Dursley. McGonagall does not agree with this idea, yet accepts Dumbledore’s plan for, keeping Harry safe. Hagrid shows up with Harry and they leave him on the doorstep.




Eleven years pass by. Now Harry is treated as the black sheep. He is ordered around by his aunt and uncle as well as bullied by his cousin Dudley[ worst relatives ever]. Harry had no idea  about his magical abilities until a letter from Hogwarts comes to him.  Harry had never got a letter before this. For a while his  atrocious relatives hide the truth from Harry until a half giant visits him. Hagrid gives Harry the scoop on what really happen to his mum and dad and who you-know-who was. He also says yer a wizard harry.  Without hesitating,  Harry agrees to go to school at Hogwarts, beginning his adventure.


Next Hagrid takes Harry to Diagon Alley a place full of Wizard wonders. Harry gets his school supplies and a pet owl named Hedwig. Here he meets Draco Malfoy who is somewhat worse than his cousin. Sometimes we make enemies before we make friends. At Olivander’s Wand Shop he finds his wand which use to be owned a very dark wizard.


Soon enough Harry goes to King’s Cross Station to leave for Hogwarts.  He is sort of left at the station not understanding where to find platform 9 and three quarters. His relatives just leave him there to figure it out on his own. Luckily for Harry he meets the Weasely’s. The Weasley’s are not wealthy, yet have treasure that no other family could have. Harry becomes close to their youngest son Ron. Ron is eager to make a name for himself at Hogwarts. Harry has no intention of being sorted into Slytherin house which lead the Sorting Hat to place him into Gryffindor! Along the way Ron and Harry get close to Hermione Jean Granger which creates The Golden Trio.


At Hogwarts The Golden Trio get into their first of many adventures.  In the Sorcerer’s Stone they figure out who Nicholas Flamel was and what purpose the sorcerer’s stone holds. During the Halloween feast, Harry and Ron stop a mountain troll from, hurting Hermione which leads to their friendship.  At Christmas holiday Harry finds the mirror of  erised while, searching for more clues about Nicholas Flamel. They would have found their answers much faster if they had talked to Hagrid first. Harry becomes Professor Snape’s most disliked student. Harry also joins the Gryffindor quiddtech team as seeker. Hagrid also got a pet dragon which was not a wise idea.

Harry figures out that Professor Quirrell was actually the one helping Voldemort not Snape. On the contrary Snape was, keeping Harry alive although Harry really does not show much appreciation for this. While, trying to hurt Harry,  Quirell actually hurts himself.  Love wins.



In the Hospital Wing Harry wakes up to find Dumbledore, standing over his bed. Dumbledore explains to Harry what had happen and not to worry. He also reminds Harry to not be frightened by Voldemort’s name, because fearing the name increases the fear of the thing itself[ life lesson]. At the end of the semester Harry returns to his relatives, waiting for his return to Hogwarts.


I actually had not read the first book of the Harry Potter series until 2011.  I remember after, seeing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone my family went straight to the bookstore in our local mall. My mom looked at me and said to my six year old self that someday I would read all of those books.


So that was my review on the first Harry Potter novel. Pretty great to be, reviewing my favorite series. Let me know what you guys thought of this book. I would love to know what you guys think. Now excuse me, but I’ve got some books to read.






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