How to Deal with Politics as a Christian

As most probably already know the United States of America will be, electing a new president at the end of the year. America will be,electing its 45th president{ we’re so young compared to other nations}. The candidates have already spent a million dollars or more on ads{ We’re never seeing those dollar bills again}. A couple months ago our pastor gave an excellent sermon on what an election year means to Christians.


As a Christian, it puzzles me as to why some Christians do not vote or vote for certain candidates who are so not Christian. Some Christians do not even discuss politics at all. Some believe Christians and other religious based groups  should not bring up their faith into political discussions. That is rubbish to me. In the USA we have freedom for religion, not from religion!

We continue to treat presidential hopefuls as gods. There are photos of Ted Cruz dressed as Superman, Hilary Clinton dressed as a queen, or Barack Obama, hanging on a cross. Some supporters of Donald Trump are calling him their messiah.  America this must stop!





As much as we may dislike them, politicians are important figures within our society.  Some are good, noble individuals  and others are quite wicked, none the less,  a politicians sins are at the same level as our own. No politician could ever be put in the same status  of Jesus Christ. There will never be a president, Chancellor, prime Minister or even a Dictator worthy to sit at God’s throne. Politicians are mere mortals, so why do we act like they’re so above us?

Earlier today my good friend Krystal Heath gave a great message on her radio show. She was, trying to remind her listeners how great it is to be an American.  Donald Trump may say we’re not great any longer, but that is one of his most stupid remarks. The United States of America is the greatest nation on the planet! It is terrible that some Americans do not understand that. This election year has got me so frustrated with the attitude of America. I love America, yet i do not like all Americans. Ok back to her message.



I am twenty one years old. I have grown up within a two story home in the state of Florida my entire life. I have all the food I could ever need. I have two dogs that i love dearly. Since 2003 I’ve owned a PlayStation console from one to PS4. The internet is my life!  For now I’m, working out of my fathers insurance business, earning some money. I am, taking classes online to improve my writing skills for my career in writing. I am also  learning how to drive. I have the greatest friends and family I could ever pray for. I am able to get infusions for my rare disorder without fearing if I can get another infusion or not.  Hope I do not sound like a jerk, yet my life is great, really great. All praise goes to the Lord for He has blessed me in so many ways. Sometimes I complain, yet really have no reason too.


Are there bad things going on within the USA? Certainly, but we need to remember that our problems are not as big as others. Look at the issues, facing a Christian in modern day Iraq. ISIS is, murdering them, because they’re Christian, yet they still  believe. Yes, they still follow God and live for Him. A group of children allowed ISIS to murder them, because they would not deny their faith in Jesus Christ. They gave up their life for God the true God of the Old and New Testament.  To me that is just so amazing and incredible. People call me brave, because I can take a little prick from a needle, but I am not sure what i would say or do in those situations.


I will end this blog like this. If U are a Christian I am, pleading for us to look at the character and principles of the people we’re electing. Do not fear these people. Do not fear what they say or do.  Do not fear being called nasty names, because you will not vote for whoever. If they’re, lying, ignoring the constitution,  or going against the word of God you should not vote for them period! God comes first above all. Remember to always stick to your faith and carry the cross God has given you. As Christians, we should not live in fear, but be excited about the future God has been, preparing for us. Heaven is going to be awesome! God bless those who read this.



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