Passenger Book Review

Alexandra Brackan

Passenger is a fantasy, time bending adventure which was published earlier this year. Violinist  prodigy  Etta Spencer’s life goes into rewind as she’s visited by a stranger with some danger who takes her back in time. Etta learns about a special ability her family possesses.  Back in the past, she meets Nicholas Carter a seaman who is content living independently away from the Ironwood clan.  With Etta’s arrival she and Nicholas are sent on a quest throughout centuries to find a stolen object that the ironwoods want back. Danger lurks around them at every corner.

First of all let, me say wow! Passenger is an amazing novel. From start to finish, I was glued to this book. The alternate history point really caught my fancy.  Alexandra Brackan took us from one century to the next. Each setting in this story was so lively. It really gets the readers imagination running wild. The main characters of Etta Spencer and Nicholas Carter are perfect. The romance between them grew and bloomed like roses instead of being rushed like it normally is today.  Another amazing point to this book is how the author compared a woman’s life in the past to today’s modern woman. Things have definitely gotten better.  I did keep, asking myself how are they not messing up the time space continuum, jumping between time realms so frequently within each chapter. Doc would  not pleased.

Before reading Passenger I was very excited about, reading this book.  I was somewhat afraid it would not live up to its hype. For some maybe it did not,  yet it did for me. The cover is as beautiful as the story itself. The style this book was printed in is  also gorgeous.  So artsy Miss. Brackan.  If you enjoy time traveling, historical adventures with a blush of romance  I’d highly recommend this book! Seriously go get it right now!


4 thoughts on “Passenger Book Review”

  1. Great review! 🙂 I totally agree with you – the romance was really well done (I hate it when romance is rushed, insta-love is so irritating!) I’m really excited to pick up the next book with that cliffhanger ending!!

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