Burn, Re-write, and Re-Read

I just read this tag moments ago by  Ashley[ the Socially, awkward, bookworm] and found it be to a creative and fun tag, although her comment about Miss. Hermione Granger[ or should we call her Mrs. Weasley?] was hurtful. For this tag you find a bunch of books[ make it into at least three rounds] to play a game of either burn, rewrite, or reread.  Allow me to explain through my first round example.

Round One



After three chapters I could not read anymore from this book. The List could of been an amazing story[ like a version of Mean Girls in book form], but the writing is so juvenile and cutesy that it ruins the story. This book can feel the burn for all I care.


Alive is one of those books I’d love to scrap the final fifteen chapters and fix the story myself[why not?]. At first this book had me, thinking about what was going on. Once I figured out what was happening it left me, feeling let down. Why Scott Sigler why!



The Book Thief has become one of my favorite books. I could re-read this story again and again. Recently I re-watched the movie which had me interested in, reading the book again sometime this year.

Round Two


After being let down by the conclusion of the Maze Runner series the fourth book  here which was a prequel got me more unnerved. I’d rather see what happens with Thomas and the others than read what happen before they entered the Maze. The writing was good, so I’ll give James Dashner some credit here.


Everything is perfect in this book except for who JK Rowling pairs the characters with[ U Hermione/Ron shippers know it was wrong!] Luna should remain either single or with Harry[ imagine how adorable a Luna/Harry offspring would be] Snape’s death also bothers me. He would of made a great headmaster. All in all, it’s Harry Potter, so it’s amazing.


Yeah I had to put all seven down 🙂


Round Three


I just did not really like this book. It did not feel me.


For once I liked the movie more than the book. The book’s ending left me so upset at the woman in black. With the movie she ends it more on a high note although she did murder two people, but it was for a good cause.


Recently I re-watched holes. Holes was a favorite movie of mine, growing up. I finally read the book a few years back, so maybe I’ll add it to my reread list?


That was a fun tag! Thank you Ashley for, posting this. I’d be happy to see what others have for this tag. Comment below if you have also read any of these stories. Later WordPress!


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