Bates Motel Season Three Review

Bates Motel is a show I have very mixed feelings about. Some moments I really like while other scenes leave me with that what just happen feeling. Bates Motel is now entering it’s fourth season. This week I re-watched season three on Netflix. It’s much easier to watch a season in one week which only had ten total episodes.

Norman and Norma Bates weirdness continues to get stranger. Norman keeps, getting thoughts and visions about lovely Miss. Watson which leads him to leaving high school and continuing his senior year at home. Dillon confronts Norma about Norman’s odd behavior[ like still, sleeping with his mommy] which adds tension to their relationship. Things get weirder when a young woman stays at the Bates Motel. Norman gets somewhat clingy to this woman which leads Norma to question her son after she goes missing. Finally the lass returns to the Bates Motel late at night with a gash in her stomach. Before, dying she gives Norma a flash drive that a wealthy man in White Pine Bay really wants back. Instead of giving the flash drive straight to Sheriff  Romero she keeps it hidden as leverage against the wealthy man [hashtag question mark]. Sheriff Romero also has to deal with a slick youngster who wants to take his job. Lets just say this character did not last long.

Also in Season three Norman and Emma date, well sort of. Basically Norman  uses Emma to get his mothers attention back by kissing Emma and mentioning the term sex. Emma and Norman’s dating does not last long. Heck I cannot  really consider it as dating. yet blackmail. Emma and Norman remain in the friend zone which does not bother me at all. In my opinion, Emma should cut and run from this psychotic family.

In the final episode of season three Sheriff Romero murders the wealthy dude[ I think three shots to his chest was overkill]. Dillon and Emma share a romantic scene which leads me to believe they’re a thing in season 4[ poor Norman].  Shockingly enough, Norman’s ex girlfriend Bradley returns from the dead. Bradley encourages Norman to leave White Pine Bay forever, but mother does not agree. In the final scene, Norman blacks out and kills Bradley, believing it is his mother who killed Bradley. Norman shoves Bradley’s car into a lake with her body inside to remove any evidence. RIP Bradley.



After re-watching season three I have to say that I think this is the best season of Bates Motel. Freddie Highmore does the role of Norman Bates justice to its original actor. His sudden outburst and quirky ways are so Anthony Perkins.  In addition, Vera Farmiga is perfect as Norma Bates. Still I must add that the writing in this series is so corny and somewhat ridiculous. Season two I did not enjoy at all. yet the final episode left me optimistic. On the other hand, I really liked how season three played out. The conclusion of season three seem very rushed and overdone. Why did they bring back Bradley? What purpose to the show did she have left? They could have at least had her on for a few episodes instead of just bringing her back to be killed off. Bad plot twist!  Norman Bates is not muscular, yet he turns into the Incredible Hulk when, murdering people. It makes no sense! I guess we will find out if it’s  a sink or swim season for Bates Motel in season four.


Have any of my readers watched Bates Motel? What did you think of season three? If you love this series I am sorry if my review offended you,  yet my mother may have to kill you 🙂



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