My Top Ten Favorite Flags

A few weeks back I was, trying to think of, interesting blog ideas. Working on tags or book reviews is always a blast, yet I like to change my topics around once and a while. Eventually I came up with this creative idea about my favorite flags. There are many, amazing flags around the world. Here are my top ten favorite flags.

  1. United States of America’s flag


It would be totally un-American to not mention our nations awesome flag. Originally this flag had only 13 stars which represented the thirteen colonies. The 50 stars and 13 stripes has been our official flag since the 1960s. Just, looking at this flag, waving back and forth through the air makes me proud to be an American.

2. Union Jack-United Kingdom{England, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland}


The United Kingdom’s  Union Jack is another, amazing flag. The UK’s flag was adopted in 1801, making it a little bit older than ours lol. There are many nations which adapted the Brits red and blue colors to their flags{like the good ole USA did}. What I like the most about this flag is the cross which stands in the middle. There are three crosses in total on the Union Jack{ the crosses of Saint.Andrew, Saint.Patrick, and Saint. George}



The flag of Israel  is beautiful. Israel got her flag in October of 1948. The two blue stars represent the star of King David. The blue and white color combo was created from the ancient Jewish Shawl. This flag represents the history of the Jewish people.

4. Ireland


Ireland’s flag is known as the Irish tricolour. The color combo of green, white, and orange comes from Irish history of  the ancient Gaelic culture, and William the Orange. In the middle is the color white which shows the peace between them. I think this flag is perfect for Ireland.

5. Canada


 Canada has a really cool flag. Two red stripes with a huge red Maple leaf on the center. This flag was adapted in 1965.




6. Scotland

Being such a fan of the British culture and islands I can’t  leave out the Scottish flag! The Scottish flag is a tribute to Scottish saint Andrew. Legend says that Saint Andrew was crucified on a cross which was shaped like an X, so that is why the cross is at a wee angle.

7. France


Another country with the red, white, and blue swagger is France. The French have had this flag since 1794.

8. Germany



The German flag is a cool mix of red, black, and yellow. Germany has gone through many flag changes over the years{lets leave out the NAZIs}. I like the look of this one.

9. Spain

Spain’s flag is a blend of red and yellow stripes with  the Spanish coat of arms emblem on the middle.
 10. Australia
They have a pretty cool flag down under. The Aussie flag is dark blue with stars and the Union Jack smack dab on the top.  It’s a beautiful flag for a nation surrounded by the sea.
So this is all of my favorite flags.  Don’t be afraid to post yours below!

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