The 100 Season Three:Episode One[Wanheda:Part One] Review

CW { Channel 18 in my neck of the woods} had a pretty big Thursday night with the premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and the arrival of season three of the 100. Last month while, eating a roast beef sandwich from Arby’s I was thinking” Geez there is, nothing to watch on Thursday nights except for the Pawn Stars.” Who says things can’t get better over night? Here is my review of season 3’s opening episode.  This episode begins a few months ahead of where season 2 left off. Murphy is still trapped in the bunker, yet gets released by Jaha and  ALIE from the mansion.  Something tells me he needs to take a shower.

Bellemy and the gang are, searching for Clark inside enemy lines. Camp Jaha’s  has been renamed Arkadia. Lincoln has entered their ranks, yet I do not think he’s officially a member just yet. Anyways the Chaos that Clark and others left on Mount Weathers is still bothering her. She’s gone full homeless chick mode out in the woods and has started a relationship with some new chick. I’m always puzzled over how these people do their hair. Do they even have hair lotion?

Could we at least get to know who this woman is before they rip each others clothing off in bed? There is also some rumor going around the grounder camps that if someone kills another then they will possession their power and strength. Clark has become hit number one on their list{ She’s also got a cool nickname as the Commander of Death!} A few of the characters are soul searching. Jasper is still very upset over Maya’s death{ I can’t blame him for this]. I just hope he doesn’t lose his mind completely. Octavia is still the too cool for school kid which I like. Bellemy seems to have matured the most. Raven continues to annoy me.

Overall I really like  how season three started. They jump right to the point and did not look back. Some of the show still left me, wondering WHY, but this is the 100.  Something tells me this season is going to be EPIC!



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