The 100- Review of Season’s 1/2 plus the Book[Spoilers]

Last summer, I finally got Netflix [Thank U to one of my besties named Haley for, enticing me to get Netflix.] One TV Series I follow the most on Netflix is The 100[ If only their seasons were longer.]  Originally The 100 was a young adult,  Sci-fi series of books created by Kass Morgan back in 2013 [There are three books in total]. Basically The 100 is about a society that lived on a spacecraft, yet returns to Earth. Life on planet Earth became no more after years and years of deadly nuclear wars. For many years they had waited to return to planet earth {Like Three centuries to be exact.} The chancellor decides  to send the 100  most troublesome  youths to Earth[ they’re like the ginny pigs.] And here we go! 





While the first book[The 100] was being developed,  television developer Jason Rothenbeg grew his interest in turning The 100 into a TV series.  The show premiered on CW in the spring of 2014. I have watched the first and second season and recently got my hands around the first novel. It’s sort of interesting how I’m finishing the first novel around the same time season three will begin.

The book is very different from the show. I’m not sure which version I like the most. I have a love/hate relationship for this show, yet I can’t stop watching it. A majority of the characters are annoying{Except for Jasper and his friend Monty.} When they die, I’m  actually somewhat happy, not sad. Many of the characters from the show are not in the book or at least shown up yet.  The book switches off between different characters viewpoints which is nice{Clark, Bellemy, Wells, and some girl named Glass} Well’s death on the show still bothers me{ why did they kill him  after a couple episodes? I’m nearly on the final chapter of the first book and he’s still very much alive. Plus he’s a solid character.]


In the book, Clark and Bellemy are sort of in love. This interest me, because I thought these two would be a couple on the show. They’ve got close, yet no one has said I do just yet. Clark is the main character on the show and boy is she annoying. Most terrible events that occur are, because of her actions. If Eliza Taylor could stop, smirking or giggling, during every pivotal scene that would help. Clark is a cool character, yet her personality is kind off meh.

Season three begins tomorrow night.  The ending of season two was crazy! I’m absolutely hyped to see what happens next!



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