Black Widow:Forever Red{Short Book Review}


Black Widow:Forever Red became the first book i purchased in 2016. I had my eye on this book for a few weeks at Target. Black Widow is one of my favorite Marvel characters, so I was happy to start, reading this book. Not every hero has the word super behind them. Two days ago I finished this book.  This was a great book with a powerful story. I recommend it to anyone who likes Marvel comics or the Avenger films.


The story begins where a young Russian girl named Ava is rescued by Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow. Black Widow gives Ava a promise which she never keeps{Ava’s mother always told her to trust no one}. Years later when Ava is seventeen Black Widow enters her life again. A boy named Alex{ Ava has dreams about this boy} also comes into the picture. Their mission is to defeat Ivan an evil man who tortured both Ava and Natasha when they were children under the Red Room{Why does Russia always have the bad guys?}. There are many twist and turns within this story, so I will not spoil anything for you guys. BTW, Tony Stark and other members of S.H.E.I.L.D and the Avengers are in this story as well.


Black Widow:Forever Red is the type of book you do not want to put down. It was pretty easy to visualize the scenes from this novel which I enjoyed a lot. Margaret Stohl did an excellent job on this book. It easily deserves a 5 star rating! I really hope she continues this series. I’m also,  hoping it could be turned into a series of films although the chances of that seem slim. Looks like I’m done with my first book review of the year{happy dance} If anyone else has read this book or may be looking forward to reading it please leave a comment below. I’d be happy to see what others think of this book.


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