Rest in Peace Alan Rickman :(


Alan Rickman’s death has brought me sadness. This man portrayed many  amazing characters in his career. The character  who fascinates me the most is Severus Snape. Severus Snape is a large character within the realm of Harry Potter.  Many hate Severus Snape, yet he’s one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. I enjoy  his dark British humor so much 🙂 



For most of the Harry Potter series Snape is bitter  and cruel towards Harry Potter. He gives him bad grades, pointing out Mr.Potters mistakes. He’s the teacher everyone dislikes, so they try to drop out of his class anyway possible. Sadly, Harry does not learn the truth about Snape until the end of Severus Snapes life. It sort of annoys me how Snape dies, yet his life and death were meant to be tragic. After all, Snape  was misunderstood. In many ways he kept Harry alive. I  do wish Harry and Snape could have been closer. They’re somewhat alike{ And no they’re not related. Stop, acting like this silly rumor is a fact you internet trolls who know, nothing at all about Harry Potter!} 



Snape reminds us  that every hero is not admired. Heroes have as many problems if not more than the bad guys. One of Snape’s most brilliant  quotes is when he tells Harry that  life is not fair.  Life can be pretty sad. Today we say good bye to Alan Rickman and his talent. Thank you sir, for bringing me and  many  other Potterheads so much joy. There is no other actor who could had portray Severus Snape better than you. I’m still waiting to hear my instructors say,” Turn your page to 394,”










3 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Alan Rickman :(”

  1. I am not familiar with this character from Harry Potter (I’m sorry, don’t go crazy on me Harry Potter fans), but I sure enjoyed your tribute. Mr. Rickman looked like a wonderful villain, and I guess I need to turn to, what was it, 394:)

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    1. Thank you. Snape was originally a villain, yet becomes a great hero. Yes, one time my EN1102 teacher started to say turn your page too{she knows I’m a big HP fan}, so I got really excited, but she said”398″ so I got sad 😦

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