In the spring of 2015 IZombie entered CW’s prime time line up on Tuesday nights at nine PM ET. IZombie is not your average zombie show. If U want mindless zombies who eat none stop turn on AMC’s Walking Dead{how much longer can that show go?}. If U want to watch a zombie show with, amazing twist, turns, and savvy satire than I suggest, turning on IZombie{ less blood as well}. On New Years Eve I started, watching IZombie off Netflix. Since then I have been binge watching Izombie like crazy.

Izombie is a fantasy story set in Seattle, Washington. The show is about a young woman named Olivia aka Liv Moore{portrayed by  Rose Mciver. Most may recognize her from the Lovely Bones and a few Disney flicks} who has a nearly perfect life. She has the degree, the perfect boyfriend and successful career etc. Her Pleasantville lifestyle goes south after, attending a boat party. No, the snobs and drunks are far from the worst moment of the night. At this party a mob of zombies attack. Liv awakes the next morning in a body bag. BTW she was also cut by one of the zombies, so enter zombie transformation mode!

Unlike most of the walking dead in her city{ yeah there is more} Liv does not have to hunt for brains. She landed a job, working at the County  morgue for this important reason. Lets face it, eating brains is not easy. After, munching on brains Liv takes recent memories from them{ she’s taken the memory of stoners, computer geeks, goths, and preppy cheerleaders etc.} This special ability helps Liv solve important cases for  Detective Clive.

She forgoes her wedding plans to make sure Major Lilywhite{ Robert Buckley} stays alive and well{ guess the heroine doesn’t get the man either?} The guy who turned her zombie runs a black market brain selling operation at an old meat parlor. This is almost too good to be fictional!

IZombie is a pretty neat show. Each scene begins like a comic book page. One reason I like this show is. because it reminds me a little bit of  NBC’s Grimm{ please make a Grimm/Izombie mesh episode!. Just, thinking of the commentary between Monroe and Ravi makes me smile} I really enjoy the personality of each character. Dr. Ravi  Chakrabarti  {Rahul Kohli} is an excellent Zombie side kick. Clive Babineaux{Malcolm Goodwin} has that smooth police officer role affectedly portrayed{ maybe in the 2nd season he figures things out, but how is he going this long without wondering what this chick’s deal is?} These actors and actresses portray their characters very well. Bravo CW!

The first season of Izombie was only 13 episodes, so it does not take long too watch. I’m not sure how well the show is airing, but I’m sure it has a decent fan base by now. Long live Izombie.


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