GoodReads 2016 Reading Challenge

I decided to take part in the reading challenge for 2016. I thought about, joining last year, but was a bit late to the party. In 2016 I’ve sworn to read a total of 50 books before January 1st of 2017 arrives. Last year in 2015 I read a total of 38 books which puts me behind my goal by twelve books{ see I’m not a total failure at mathematics}. btw last night I made my first book purchase of the new year{ I bought Black Window Forever Red which sounds awesome} I’ve already got an urge to purchase many books, so lets get this reading challenge going{ I started reading A Crown at Midnight last month. That counts as my first read still right?}


If You’re, taking part in this challenge let me know. How many books have you sworn to read this year? BTW what happens if we do not read the amount of books sworn? Are we sentence to a prison with zero books? That would not be fun.


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