2015 Year in Review


2015 is at the finish line. This year has gone by quickly and has taught me a lot. God has been doing big things in my life, starting with this blog. IMO New Years Eve is a great time to look back at the year, preparing for the next one.  When I think about the start of 2015 to now my life has really improved. I thought I would describe the top events of this year with photos.

Back in February my days of blogging on WordPress began. I searched through countless web domains and viewed many websites before, deciding to join. On Twitter I asked what were the top blogging websites out there and got good feedback{ that word freaks me out} from one of my best follows. I opened a WordPress account and the rest is history. Around this time in the spring I also got a HP Lap Top! It’s great for blogging, writing, and having fun on the internet.


In May I went to Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure for the first time. While there I visited both Wizarding World parks{ the main reason I went of course}. FYI the lady in the pink hat on the far right is my mom!


In June I chilled with my friends before they left for college. Saying good bye is horrible. It’s like a small dagger being stabbed into the heart over and over again{ ok not that bad, but you get what I’m saying savvy}. Overall I’m eternally grateful for these two.  Our friendship keeps, growing no matter the distance. God has given me the greatest sisters ever!


In July I visited my grandparents. We went to  the beach although that was a bad time to go, because of the weather. It rained constantly! Still I took this cool photo at least.


 Also in July I sent and received a letter from a friend of mine from Wisconsin. Her name is Haley Klinkhammer. You may find her on YouTube>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnnQ-2UhBrazTAp7wvhkfbg. She’s amazing!






In October I got a tweet from Adam F. Goldberg! I had no idea he’d even seen the tweet I sent lol.



In September I went to a Florida St football game in Tallahassee. It rained a lot this day as well, yet cleared up. Being at the game for real is a great experience.  Can’t wait to see what Doak Campbell looks like after the improvements are made over the next few years. Go Noles!



A couple months later in November I went to the Noles/Gators game at the Swamp. FSU has defeated UF for three straight years in football{ two years in a row for basketball}. My record of attending Nole games stands at a perfect 3 and 0! I also met Jimbo Fisher which was awesome!IMG_0573.JPG

Back in August my grandfather died. His death was very quick and shocking. It’s  sad that he’s no longer with us, but I know he’s in a better place now.  With him being a member of the Navy family we decided to have his  final resting place be at Florida National Cemetery. We visited him on the way home after Thanksgiving.

IMG_1698 (1)
Rest in Peace Grandpa Will



Last week was Christmas. Jenny and my grandparents came to visit on Christmas Eve. Christmas day we visited my grandmother and other relatives. I had a really good Christmas! On Sunday I also saw my youth group leader which was a pleasant surprise. She’s been away at seminary school. Missing people stinks, yet it reminds us how much we care about them.




 So here we are now. 2015 is coming to an end. I’ve learned a lot this year. Not sure where my future is headed, but it will be full of books.  God has it all under control. A door will open. The ball will be, dropping tomorrow night, so Happy New Years!


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