Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Movie Review

Last night i watched this film with my mom for the first time. The film appeared on the big screen in 2011 after the heavy success from the novel which was published in 2005. Never read the book, but will probably keep my eye out for it now. I’ll give a brief review of the film and go into detail. Overall I have mixed feelings towards this film, so maybe you’ll agree or disagree? Don’t forget to leave a comment below!

Extremely Loud and Incredibly  Close is an American drama  about a nine year old  boy from New York City named Oscar Schell{Thomas Horn}. Oscar is sent on challenges from his father Thomas Schell{Tom Hanks} which involve  many riddles. Thomas created a maze of riddles for Oscar to solve. Thomas and Oscar went on  these adventures around the city. They even got friends, family, and homeless people into the hunt. The last riddle Oscar is, searching for is a secret 6th borough.  Thomas swore to his son that their once was a sixth borough in New York City that mysteriously vanished. Sadly Oscar’s world gets rocked by his father’s tragic death. Thomas was in the Twin Towers on 911. He left  six messages on their message machine, but Oscar was too afraid to answer the final message. Oscar calls this” the worst day” and he seeks answers as to why this horrible event happen. This tragic event destroys the relationship  between Oscar and his mom{Sandra Bullock} A year later while in his fathers closet Oscar finds a key within a broken vase. The key was inside of a yellow envelope with the word {Black} on the back. Oscar goes in search of this person. He finds 472 different people with the last name Black.  The first person he met was Abby Black{Viola Davis}, yet she has no clue who Thomas Schell was and what his key belongs to.


He gets help from his grandmother  which brings them closer. Oscar finally meets a man who has been, renting a space from his grandmother for a few months. Soon enough we find out that this man is Oscar’s grandfather. His grandfather communicates by, writing out his thoughts. He also has the words yes and no tattooed on his hands which is cool. Towards the end of the film Oscar finds a newspaper article about the key. Oscar returns to Abby Black’s home and finds out the truth about the key.

The movie was pretty compelling, yet in my opinion it was lacking something. It seem like they could have gotten to the point a bit faster. Yes, it is a drama, but they kind of force the sadness. I like Oscar’s character. It’s wonderful how they gave a voice to mental health. Besides that Oscar was a bit annoying to say truthfully. Why is he so mean to the bell hop? There seem to be a distance between his mom and him before the worst day happen. The people in the city were pretty calm and kind to Oscar who was interrupting their day lol.  What I like the most about this film is how it gave hope to those who may have lost someone on 911.  That frightful day still bothers me today. I was only six years old when it happen, but the memory of it remains. I can only imagine how much pain that brought to so many people. All you can do is ask why, because that is how bad things happen.



My rating for this film would be 4 out of 5 stars. If you have seen this movie let me know. Did  you like it? Have you also read the book? Cheers!


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