Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas went pretty well besides a few short notes by certain family members. My family remained home this Christmas except for our trip into Ocala to see my grandma and other family members. My other grandparents visited us on Christmas Eve. They’re still here and will be returned home a few hours ago. Jenny also visited us on Christmas Eve! Sadly her boyfriend Eric could not come, yet will see him soon enough. My  brother also came over with his girlfriend. This was the first time we’d met her and she was really sweet and cool.{ good job brother}. Jack was nervous around so many people, so he remained down in my room{ the little guy is a loner at best}. Sammy got in our Christmas selfie. 



 This Christmas we bought a few gifts instead of a boat load of gifts which turned out well. Out of five presents I got sunglasses{ you know we’re Floridan’s when you get sunglasses for Christmas}, chocolate, a basketball net like trash can{  tho I’m going to use it for socks}, a FSU doormat, and a paper back box set of Harry Potter{ best gift ever}!


Ok so I already knew about this gift since I sort of bought it for myself{ I think I mentioned that in an earlier blog?}, yet I was still very happy to see it in the flesh. My other Harry Potter books are older and somewhat warn. Thank goodness Amazon had this box set on sale, during Black Friday! It looks nice, set on my bookshelf still in the packaging{ I’ll rip it open eventually} I also got a 25 dollar ecard to Amazon from Jenny and a 25 dollar gift card to Koals from another cousin of mine named Paul. Looks like i’m rolling in dough!

Being now a full adult{ I may be short, yet I am fully grown still} Christmas has also changed. It use to be about, waking up to open a bundle of presents. Now it’s mostly about seeing family/friends and watching the next generation opening gifts. Most importantly Christmas is a time to remember Christ birth although he probably was not born in December{ I say celebrate JC’s birth anytime of the year cause the message is way more important than the date}. I can’t believe we’re goig into 2016! Hope my readers also had a merry Christmas!


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