RIP Sammy

Last week was difficult. I said good bye to  Sammy. Sammy was an Italian Greyhound mix my mom and I adopted sixteen years ago. She was a kind, gentle, and fantastic beast. Just thinking about her makes my eyes water. My other dog, Jack, is also aging and having his own struggles. Not the best way to end the year, but so many heartwarming memories. No regrets.

Losing something or someone  close to you isn’t simple. It’s kinda like losing a bit of your soul. Everywhere I look, I see her. Her presence and spirit are still around me. It’s kinda spooky how we live and die. One moment you’re here and the next you’re somewhere else. Everyone has their own viewpoint on what happens after death, so I’ll leave those thoughts to you my friend reading this post, but to wrap this post up, I wanted to let y’all know I’ll be postponing blogging until the new year, unless the muse strikes and inspires me to write about something. You never know!

Christmas is nine days away. Can you believe it?  I want spend the last few days of the year spending time with friends and family. Plus December is like the perfect month to Netflix and chill, so I wish you all a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a happy new year!  And if you have any pets, love them, because you never know when they’ll head toward the Rainbow bridge.#RIPSammy #LoveU #MerryChristmas



I was driving home from work when a semi truck slammed into the back of my car. It happened so fast. It was so late, the highway was nearly empty. I swear I peaked out the rear view mirror seconds before the accident occurred, but saw no cars behind me. It’s like the vehicle came out of no where. Like I said, it was late, so my senses were off. I drank mountain dew and half a red bull to keep myself awake, but no amount of caffeine could get me prepared for what happened next.

Hand with the salt water in Receive medical treatment at Hospita

As I toyed with the radio, a bright light came into my view. I glanced up and noticed a massive semi truck rushing straight toward me like a runaway Bull. The  dude was flying. I assumed he was drinking or on drugs. Whatever his problem  was wasn’t helping my situation. I pressed my foot on the gas pedal, but there was no way I was getting out of this, so I said a quick prayer and boom! The Semi Truck slammed into my car, but the nightmare had only started.

From the impact my car shook, and swerved across the road. My head also slammed into the door. I started to see stars. Stars of many  bright colors. Then the lights went out. For now lets say I remained unconscious, until my vision came back into focus. My eyes finally opened. But I was no longer in my car. I was laying in a bed in some room with white walls and medical equipment. Obviously someone brought me to a hospital. Thank God.

” Oh my gosh,” I muttered to myself, thinking back on what had just happened.  I moved my arms and legs, making sure I still had them. My arms were sore and my legs weren’t exactly 100 percent, but luckily they were still in tack. My neck ached as I  turned my head  and glanced around the room. Crap. I’d lost vision in my right eye. Uncle Jerry’s blind. Maybe he could teach me how to cope with my loss of vision. I tried calling for help, yet no one listened. My voice sounded different. I muttered a few words, yet the tone of my voice was vastly different.

I couldn’t stay in this bed much longer. Someone had to give me some answers, so I slide to the side of the bed and tried to stand,  but couldn’t move, because of the heavy amount of wires stuck inside of me. It was like I’d turned into Doctor Octopus. A red light blinked above me. A nurse finally noticed me and entered the room. She looked me up and down as if I were a ghost.

” Oh my gosh,” she said. She glanced down the hallway screaming” He’s awake!” A horde of doctors and nurses rushed into the room. Even a few patients stood outside the door, peaking inside. Guess I was pretty famous around here. The doctor told me to remain calm and asked if I wanted water or food, but I shook my head. I’d never been so afraid in my life. The doctor instructed me to take a pill and he’d come back in a few minutes to explain what happened to me. By the tone of his voice and the reaction of his staff I knew something was wrong.

The doctor returned. He sat down and smiled at me” I’m sure you’re excited to be awake. We never thought you’d wake up. Do you remember what happened?”

” Yes,” I said, thinking back” I was in a car accident. A semi truck hit the back of my car…. I was pushed off the side of the road. That’s pretty much all I can remember,”

The doctor nodded and wrote down notes” Yes, your memory seems to be fine. That is good news. It’s practically a miracle you’re still alive,”

” Do you know what happened to the other driver? I asked” Is he here?”

No, sir. He’s dead,”

” Dead? Oh my gosh,”

The doctor laid a hand on my shoulder” Please relax, Mr. Jenkins. This wasn’t your fault. It’s been so long since you were brought to us. Your family will be excited to finally see you,”

” My family,” I gasped. Up until this point, I hadn’t thought about my family. My wife and two children. Tears dwelled in my eyes. I looked at the doctor and asked him a question,” sir, what year is it?”

” 2030. The date is August twenty seventh, sir,” 2030? Holy crap! I’d been in a coma for twelve years! No way. This couldn’t be true, could it?” A lot has changed since that night sir.” the doctor handed me a mirror. I groaned at the sight of my aging face. Wrinkles and all.

I screamed,” No, nooo!” So many years I’d missed. So many memories. My life was ruined. At least I thought it was. A week later I was allowed to go home.  The doctor was right. A lot had changed. Abagail’s hair also turned grey. I was amazed she waited on me to  wake up. I didn’t deserve such a loyal and kind wife. We had a lot to catch up on. Jimmy was now fourteen years old. He started high school two weeks before I woke up. The biggest change was Harper. Harper’s now in collage and engaged. His name is Joel. We will meet soon enough. 

 I’ll never be sure what happened that night. Why some crazy truck driver drove like a maniac down the highway and slammed into my car, trapping me in a coma for twelve years. Why I had to wait twelve years to return to life. Why did it happen to me? What am I suppose to do now? Forgetting my emotional  past  and moving on won’t be easy, but I’m glad to be alive again.

( So, what do you think of this story? Talk about a thrill ride. The idea came out of no where. I love when that happens. I plan to start posting  more short stories on Tuesday,  so here is the start of something special. Have a wonderful day and watch out for those crazy truck drivers 🙂


I decided I’d give freelance writing a shot, so I went on google and came across a website called Writerswork. Writerswork is a website to help writers find work writing online. You may check out my homepage from the link.

Writing is my passion. I’m hopeful to start writing blogs/articles for magazines and other websites. Basically do what I’ve been doing on here, but for an income. That be nice. Hopefully I reach some clients and get started soon. But in the meantime, I’ll keep sharing my thoughts here. Thank you to those of you who read my posts. My writing has improved greatly, because of WordPress. To have a successful writing career we must attract an audience. My audience continues to grow and grow. It’s good to remember I’m not on this journey alone. Keep writing friends. If you need a blogger aka a writer please send me an email/message. I’d be happy to help.

Unity is Possible

December 7th is an infamous day in American history.  On December 7th of 1941, early Sunday morning, a United States Naval base got a surprise attack by the Imperial Japanese Naval air force.  Eight US battleships were damaged. Four were completely destroyed. Many Navy sailors were killed, during this battle, including civilians. This inciting event lead the United States to enter World War 2, yet the struggle for peace between the United States and Japan carried on long after the war.

Image result for pearl harbor

The conclusion of Pearl Harbor, as well as the great war, left Americans angry and afraid. Americans were not fond of Japan nor those with Japanese ancestry. To make matters worse, the United States government sentence Japanese Americans to live in their own isolated communities aka camps. Even those who served within the United States military against Japan weren’t treated well. The fear continued throughout the country for many years, but today Japan has become one of America’s greatest allies. Isn’t that amazing?

The relationship between the USA and the people of Nippon is a positive reminder to the world that unity is possible. The mistakes or horrors of our past do not have to continue in present day. In time we can get along, because forgiveness is the ultimate weapon. Let us honor those we’ve lost and remember that their sacrifice lead to today’s peace.

The Christmas Chronicles

Kris Kringle is back in action! Kurt Russell stars as the jolly big guy in one of Netflix’s new hit Christmas films. I watched the film last night and loved everything about it!  

Image result for the christmas chronicles

When Santa Claus’s slay crash lands in Chicago and he loses all of his reindeer he’s in need of some  help from two unlikely siblings.  Santa and the kids go in search of his magical sack, overcome wacky obstacles, and plan to deliver every present before all hell breaks loose on December 25. 

The film is light hearted, yet also hilarious. Kurt Russell shines as this modern day, slick, no none sense Santa. This representation reminded me of Tim Allen’s version from The Santa Clause series. Don’t tell him to go ho, ho, ho. 

The story focused on family and the significance of the holiday. The scenery was amazing. The scenes featuring Santa’s slay or the car chase were done so well it felt as if I was on a roller coaster. I can’t find many details to dislike from this movie. It was done so well I can’t wait to watch it again next year. Probably sooner. A few years ago I heard someone complain about the lack of holiday movies on Netflix, but I think that problem is over.#MerryChristmas

First Person

I prefer writing in first person. I enjoy getting into the characters mind and discovering their thoughts and feelings. This is what I like most about reading stories rather than watching them. In literature you can become the character. You can see things from their viewpoint. So many times I’ve watched a film or a breaking news alert and thought” why would he or she do something like that?” or” What is going on in their minds?” you can’t usually get those details from a film, but you can easily figure out those questions in literature.  

Silhouette of Woman on Swing during Golden Hour

First person is when the narrator is the character. He or she is  telling some event from their past or present or possibly something that happen to a close friend, but all thoughts are their own. It’s like in diary form, using terms such as I, We, Me etc. 

Many have said when writing in first person to create an unreliable narrator. I find this advice sort of funny, because every person is unreliable in some way. Every person is flawed. Some more than others. What they’re saying is most likely false at some point. Either they’re lying or truly believe what they think. There is a fine line between truth and belief. If you believe in something so passionately you’ll believe the thought or idea is true. Like in Edgar Allan Poe’s famous short story The Tell-Tale Heart the narrator is someone who committed murder and has been claimed as insane, yet the person believes he’s right in the mind. His quirky thoughts are transparent.

Whether your narrator is a teenager defying the capital or a mad man, spying on his next victim we can see their thoughts and actions on display in first person. First person nor Third person limited isn’t a simple style to write, yet when I find the characters voice the real magic begins! 

The Last Kingdom

The third installment to Netflix’s The Last Kingdom came out a couple weeks ago. I pretty much binge watched season three within a few days. The Last Kingdom is one of my top shows to watch on Netflix. Each season just keeps getting better and better!

Related image

The Last Kingdom is based on a series of books by  Bernard Cornwell. It’s historical fiction based on the origin of England. History that was long forgotten. The main protagonist is  Uhtred of Bebbanburg. He’s basically like the real Batman. He’s the middle man between England’s rulers and the Danes. He longs for freedom, but every season new problems arrive making things worse. He works for King Alfred, although they don’t get along that well.  He’s not the type of guy you’d feel sympathy for, yet you do, because he has empathy.  That is pretty much the big point of the show.

There is lots of fighting and bloodshed, yet the show reveals how close we really are to our enemies. The Vikings are seen as monsters, yet some of the Danes are more likable than those from Wessex. The Saxons and Danes are fighting each other for the same thing. Power. Those among them wish to live in peace, yet those in charge continue to bicker and cause conflict.#Politics 

Being a history buff, I enjoy the historical details this show provides. I have both Angelo-Saxon and Danish blood, so it’s kinda interesting to see how those ancient ancestors lived. It look so cold and grim. Plus no internet. No wonder they fought so much. The timeline of the series dates back to the 9th and 10th century, yet the subject matter is somewhat similar to issues facing society today. The past is truly our key to a future, yet we make the same mistakes still today. What if we could get along? What if we could ignore our egos and accept others as equal? It took the United Kingdom many years to unite. Imagine how simpler things would be if we joined forces sooner? 

If you enjoy historical fiction, awesome battle scenes, or shows dealing with Vikings please do watch this show. Season three was great. I’m anxious to see what happens next in season 4.#DestinyisAll

Hero’s Need Villains

Wednesday evening I watched a film called Into The Forest. The film was about two sisters who try to survive after the sudden death of their father. I enjoyed the film and give it one thumbs up. I’d give it a second thumbs up if it had a villain.

Image result for Into the Forest 2015

I liked the story-line for this film. Power throughout the entire country and possibly the world is gone. No electricity unless you have a proper generator, but that will only work while you still have enough gas to power it. The characters were decent. I felt empathy for the characters Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood depicted. Good job here. But what this film was missing was a villain. A true Lord Voldemort.

The old saying goes that a story is only as good as its villain. This film indicated that to me straight away.  The main antagonist of this film was nature. Nature is a good problem starter. A storm can damage your home, break a few legs and even kill a loved one or two, yet it’s not the type of antagonist we come face to face with. Nature is a scary beast, yet it isn’t a powerful villain, because nature isn’t human. I must mention there was a bad guy named Stan. I don’t desire to speak about this character, because of the choice he made, yet I must point out that he is far from a villain. His character doesn’t deserve the title. Plus he’s only in the film for like a minute or two and then he leaves, so bye Felicia.


If or when I create stories, I’m hopeful to give them a proper villain. A villain who will stop at nothing to get in the way of the protagonist desire’s and goals. A villain with his or her own strengths and weakness’s. A strong, compelling foe our hero must overcome. Villains are suppose to fail, but let them have some fun before they reach their demise. You can’t get that type of thrill out of an earthquake.  Antagonist don’t have to be evil. They only have to make the protagonist struggle. Simple as that.#Conflict

Train Ride

I had an argument with mom. She just doesn’t understand. I want to see Rachel. I can’t only talk to her online. We need to see each other in person.  Face to face. And lip to lip. I don’t care what mom thinks. I’m going to go visit her in Seattle. It’s only going to be for one day. I wrote mom a note and laid it on her desk. She’s going to be so pissed, but she’ll understand. Eventually. 

I  called an uber driver to pick me up and he drove me straight to the train station. I gave the driver twenty bucks plus a pack of  Strawberry gum. Merry Christmas Uber. I paid for a ticket and boarded the train. The conductor closed the door and he pulled the string. The train started to roar and we were off.

Shift-tilt Lens Photography of Train Track

Crap! I forgot to  bring my cell phone. Now how was I going to contact Rachel? I guess I can go inside the administrator office and ask for her whereabouts. She’ll be so surprise to see me. I’m anxious to see what her college campus is like. Rachel is super smart like some mad scientist. She could attend any college she wanted. I’ll be lucky to get into a local state school.

As I sat on train, enjoying the view, a man sat down beside me. He towered over me. His appearance was hidden by his clothing. It’s freezing outside. The man glanced at me, but turned away.

” It sure is cold out there,” I said. Sure I was suspicious of him, but I had to be friendly. He wouldn’t harm me if he liked me right?

The man stared at me” Oh yeah. Much colder than the middle east,”

” You’re not from here? Oh, I’m sorry. Thank you for your service sir,”

He laughed at my comment” Why is it every time I tell someone I’m from the middle east they think I’m a soldier? I’m not a soldier, kid. Far from it. Are you alone?”

” Kind of. You see, I’m trying to go to Seattle and visit my girlfriend. My name is Max, Max Henry,”

” Nice to meet you Max. I’m Joseph, Joseph Kaplan. I’m also going to Seattle to visit my daughter. We haven’t seen each other in a long time, but it’s Christmas, so why not?”

” Doesn’t sound like a bad plan to me,”

” It’s nice of you to go and see your girlfriend. What school does she attend?”

” Seattle University. She’s a freshman. I kinda snuck out of my mom’s house to go and see her. I didn’t want to upset my mom, but I haven’t seen Rachel since the summer,”

” I understand. Talking online isn’t as fun as face to face. I’m sure your mother will understand. Your father probably did the same thing to see your mother. Young love is dangerous, yet rewarding,”

” Actually my dad isn’t around. He sort of left us, but I was a little kid, so I don’t remember him much,”

” I’m so sorry. Men like him don’t deserve to be fathers. When I first met my father in law he told me either stay with my daughter or go jump in a ditch. I clearly made the better choice,” he chuckled. He wore a gold ring, so I assumed his wife had passed away, but I decided to not ask.

” I wish I could meet my father. I know it sounds stupid, but I’d like to have some type of relationship with him. Rachel is so close to her father. It be nice,”

Joseph placed his right hand on my shoulder” It doesn’t sound crazy. A boy should have a relationship with his father. You may not get it from him, but there is another man out there to help you grow and act mature. But look at the bright side, kid. If you did have a father he’d probably kick your butt for what you’ve done,”

” You’ve never met my mom. She’ll beat me down as soon as I walk through the door,”

” Good, she’s raised you well.” The train pulled into the station. I said good bye to Joseph and made my way to the university. I chatted with the lady from the admissions desk and she gave me Rachel’s room number. I knocked on her door. Rachel answered. She screamed, leaped in the air, and pulled me closer for a hug. We hung out the rest of the evening. I told her about Joseph. The next day I went home and got the butt kicking I deserved.

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