My thoughts on Miami FL

Last Friday I traveled south with my folks to Miami Beach. I'd never been to the Miami area before. It wasn't exactly a vacation. I've had a issue with my eyes, so I was in Miami mostly to see a specialist at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, but we did have a few days to check... Continue Reading →


Hey WordPress. How are things in your neck of the woods? It's nice and cool outside. I'm wearing a hoodie, which is like a special event, if you live in Florida. But it's suppose to warm up again tomorrow then another cold front will hit sometime next week. The weather in Florida is so bipolar.... Continue Reading →

Learning Should Be Simple

I went to my cousin's wedding Saturday night. The wedding was so much fun. While we ate dinner, I spoke to multiple relatives and got into a interesting conversation about writing with my cousin Serenity. Photo belongs to PatternPictures Serenity, my mom, and I were discussing what she was learning in school and what subjects... Continue Reading →

Wedding And Horror Stories

I'm going to a wedding! Tomorrow afternoon my cousin and soon to be cuz will officially tie the knot. I'm so happy for both of them and can't wait to celebrate this moment with them. It surely will be a special day. I've gotten to work pre-writing my novel as well as started working on... Continue Reading →

Pre-writing- Magic or Superpowers

As I'm beginning to craft my novel, I'm getting side tracked by one of my stories biggest questions. Superpowers! This image belongs to Pixabay Katie, my MC, will have superpowers. But what type of powers will she have? How will they affect her world? I'm getting many interesting ideas on what type of story this... Continue Reading →

Christian McCaffrey Dominates the Jaguars

Yesterday wasn't the best day to be a Jacksonville Jaguar. After winning their previous two games, the Jags fell to the Carolina Panthers 34-27. Jacksonville's record goes to 2-3, placing them in third place within their division. The Jaguars played a pretty good game. It was close and definitely entertaining. Either team could of come... Continue Reading →

Political Rally

A young, charming politician waits for his political rivals to exit the stage. He meditates on what he's about to say, standing behind the curtain. He's trained months for this moment, traveling from city to city within his state. Within moments he'd urge the crowd to give him, a man no older than thirty seven,... Continue Reading →

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