Cursed Season One Review

Cursed season one dropped on Netflix last Friday. I finished binge watching it yesterday, so here are my personal thoughts on this latest Arthurian tale. Season one follows Nemue aka the lady of the lake and many more iconic characters from these historical tales. yet in a new, interesting way. It's like a new twist... Continue Reading →

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Social Messaging

He hesitated as he moved the curser back and forth over her messages tab. Brandon breathed in and out several times, trying to build the courage to send Melissa Davis a flirty text message. As crazy as it sounded, he'd rather speak to her in person rather than reveal his feelings through a text. So... Continue Reading →

Dress Up

While his sister Tracy was out with her friends, Kyle would sneak into her bedroom to try on her clothes. He'd done this ever since they were little kids. As far as he knew, Tracy never knew, because Kyle was so quite like a mouse. But as Kyle glanced at himself in the mirror, wearing... Continue Reading →

Shooting Stars

Molly sat on the edge of a rock, staring at the stars above her head. She did this every night before going to sleep. She desired to see an alien space craft aka a UFO for herself. All of her friends told her aliens are not real, so she wanted to prove them wrong. Image... Continue Reading →


" Come on, Kristen. Time to go." her mother said, standing at the bottom of the stairs. This image belongs to Monica Silvestre from Beautiful photo. Kristen took one last glance at her old, precious bedroom. With all the items removed, it barely looked the same. She'd lived within this house her entire life,... Continue Reading →

Daily Musing:Self Reflection

Hey yall! Hope everyone is having a good day, week, or whenever you clicked on this post. I've been an active blogger on WordPress for about five years. Five years! Or maybe it's six. I don't know, but that's a really, really long time. I hardly remember half the stuff I've posted here, yet it's... Continue Reading →

Lab Rats

Oh dear! Doctor Patterson will not be happy. The lab rats used in his latest experiment have suddenly escaped. I told him, injecting such a large amount of steroids into the subjects would be a bad idea. Lord knows what those things are up to now. They'll probably create another pandemic. This image belongs to... Continue Reading →

Are You a Good Witch or A Bad Witch

Glinda asked Dorothy if she was a good witch or a bad witch. Young Dorothy's famous reply was" well I'm not a witch at all." to put it shortly. As I'm reading from fictional stories or watching them on TV, I'm noticing a peculiar trend in the market. Many stories like Star Wars and many... Continue Reading →

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