Short Ebooks

For the last few years I've tried writing a novel. Writing a novel is my ultimate goal in life, yet it hasn't gone as planned so far. This made me feel a little grim, yet I got a new bright idea in mind. The other day my mom brought home this little bookshelf she recently... Continue Reading →


Thirteen Reasons Why Season Three Review

I just finished watching season three of Thirteen Reasons Why. I didn't enjoy the previous season much, so I wasn't so excited about season three, until I started binge watching each episode like it's going out of style. Netflix, you dirty dogs. You did it again. Although there are some similarities to season two, season... Continue Reading →

Writing Every Day

I've started a new challenge this week. I've decided to write 100 or more words each day. Not three days, four days, five days nor six, but every day of the week. So far I've written four days straight. Photo belongs to Nhu Nguyen I got this idea from a writer's group I'm a part... Continue Reading →

Flaws of Horror Stories

As we venture into fall, I'll be watching or reading more horror stories. I've noticed a strange pattern about most horror stories. Not all of them, yet most seem to follow this bizarre pattern. Most horror stories have unlikable characters. Like really unlikable people whom the audience doesn't care about. They could be hacked to... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I was female instead of male. Who would I be? What would be my name? Would I look the same or entirely different? What town or city would I be from? Would I even live in the same century? Maybe I would of been a... Continue Reading →

Cinematic Writing

You know the scene in The Maze Runner where Thomas is fighting Gally and Gally knocks Thomas to the ground? As Thomas's head hits the ground, his memory of his name returns. Well that is sort of how I felt the other day when I discovered cinematic writing. Cinematic writing is normally used to create... Continue Reading →


Good morning, WordPress. It's or was 3:45 in the morning when I started writing this post. I'm rarely up this early, blogging in the wee hours of the night, yet I heard two extremely loud, strange noises. I'm not sure where they came from nor what caused them so I'm going to stay up for... Continue Reading →

Andrew Luck Retires

Andrew Luck has retired. I repeat. Andrew Luck has retired from the NFL. Andrew Luck is officially no longer an NFL player. This is not a drill! When the news dropped last night, I was shocked. I was really shocked. Like many of you out there my first thoughts were this isn't true. It can't... Continue Reading →

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