Cursed Season One Review

Cursed season one dropped on Netflix last Friday. I finished binge watching it yesterday, so here are my personal thoughts on this latest Arthurian tale. Season one follows Nemue aka the lady of the lake and many more iconic characters from these historical tales. yet in a new, interesting way. It's like a new twist... Continue Reading →

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Daily Musing- Creative Ideas

I don't plan out my stories. I merely write down the thoughts that wander into my head. These thoughts are usually pretty random. It's both a thrilling, yet annoying experience. I wish I were better at plotting and all that jazz, yet whatever works go for it. There is no right or wrong way to... Continue Reading →

Daily Musing- Saul or Paul

Are you acting like Paul or Saul? I feel like many Christians face this obstacle from time to time. Sometimes we get so caught up in our personal beliefs and will passionately support these views no matter the cost. Other times we see the error in our way, seek forgiveness, healing, and draw closer to... Continue Reading →

Daily Musing- Brainstorming

What's up WordPress? Lately I've started brainstorming an idea. I've had this thought occur in my mind before, yet it's really starting to itch my curiosity. I've been playing this game on my X Box called Alan Wake. If you're a writer or a fan of spooky small towns I recommend playing or watching clips... Continue Reading →

Fast Food Chaos

" I said I wanted tomato's with my order not pickles!" Miss. Angie screamed at Marcus, standing at the front of the line. " I'm sorry for the mistake, miss Angie. I will order you another burger and pay for your total meal," " No! I don't want another hamburger. Just give me the damn... Continue Reading →

Daily Musing- Rainy Days

Hey WordPress, Hope all is well on your end. It's been raining a lot here in central Florida. It's raining right now as I type this. But I like the rain, especially when writing. Bring on the dark, cloudy, rain filled days. My X box Series S arrived in the mail this morning. I'm planning... Continue Reading →

Daily Musing- Creation vs Survival

Creativity is therapy. When I'm feeling creative or starting to get into the creative mode, I want to feel free. Free to express myself. Free to expand these little concepts into something concrete and real. Image is from What I don't want to feel is constricted. Creativity isn't trapped inside of a box. It's... Continue Reading →

Daily Musing- Relationships

Life is really about finding support. From close friends or family or even people you randomly follow online, support is important. Sometimes I find myself saying something or doing some type of action someone else I know is known to do. And that just brings me joy. It makes me happy to have found my... Continue Reading →

Mind Influencer- Flash Fiction

Being a mind influencer is so difficult. I got accepted to be a mind influencer around the time the companies started thriving. I had recently graduated from Penn State. It seemed like a pretty simple way to earn an income at the time. I had no idea how draining this career would be. I should... Continue Reading →

Florida Gators- 2020-21 Season Review

2020 Was definitely a diverse year for college football. As national signing day offically begins today for 2021, let's take a look back and review the previous season for the Florida Gators. Image is from Gator Wire. Florida entered the 2020 season with high hopes. Dan Mullen entered his third season as the head coach... Continue Reading →

Daily Musing- Fact or Fiction

Writers block hit me really hard recently. It seems to hit me hardest at the beginning of the year. Although I can still write out my thoughts, I struggle to get any of my fictional worlds or thoughts out of my head and on to the page. This image can be viewed at It's... Continue Reading →

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