Twittering Tales #144- The Reunion

“Relax Amber,” Melissa says, placing her right hand on my shoulder” no one is ever going to know what really happened. The cops believed the story we told them. They aren’t going to come after us. Alex is ok now,”

But I shove her hand away,” How can you say that? What is wrong with you?”

” Amber, stop,” Ben told me” you’ve got to relax,”

” Don’t tell me to relax. How can any of us relax? Don’t you guys get it? We killed Alex. It’s because of us he died that night. His blood is on our hands, yet no one else but me seems to care,”

” Jeez Amber, I didn’t know you cared so much about him. Didn’t know you had a thing for goths,”

” Shut up, Melissa,” Ben tells her” We were just being stupid kids, playing a stupid prank. Things got out of control. But none of it was our fault. It was an accident,”

I slap Ben across his face. The room goes silent” An accident? You’re calling this an accident? We got drunk and set him on fire. He panicked, jumped, and fell from the third floor. He’s dead, because of us. This was no accident,”

” He fell out a window, Amber. Not our fault he couldn’t take the heat,” Melissa said, rolling her eyes.

“Forget you guys,” I said” I’m going to the police,” Before I leave the kitchen a sharp pain drives through my back. I fall to the floor, crying out in pain. Melissa stands over me, holding a taser.

” Melissa, what the heck!” Ben shouts.

She hands him a roll of duct tape” Tie her up. She’s not going anywhere.”


Evening Post #3 10,000 Words

Good morning WordPress. If you’re reading this post at the moment of time I posted it you’re probably wondering why it says evening post instead of morning post, because it is indeed morning on the east coast. Obviously I normally post an evening post in the evening, but I wasn’t in the mood to write last night, so lets just go with it. Someone may read this tonight, so the title is somewhat accurate.

red and blue boke lights

I signed up for Kindle Unlimited the other day. Kindle Unlimited is free for the next three months, so I’m taken advantage while I can. Maybe someday when I have a real income I’ll be a Kindle Unlimited member forever, but for now I’ll savor the moment. In case you didn’t know with Kindle Unlimited, you’re allowed to download ten Kindle Unlimited books for free. Yes, I know it’s called Kindle Unlimited, yet there is a limit to have many books you can download. Crazy, I know! The best part is it’s free and you can always return a book you’re no longer reading for a new one, so it’s kind of like how the library works. I don’t know what I’m saying. I haven’t been to a library in years.

One of the books I’ve downloaded so far is 10,000 Words Per Day by Mason Sabre. So far I’ve read two chapters and will get to chapter three and so forth after I finish creating this post. I don’t believe I’ve ever read any other book by this author, yet based on the way the author writes I like this dude. I love how to books where the writer is being real and straight to the point instead of acting all high and mighty as if writing words makes you some being from another planet. An eight year old can write sentences and paragraphs too, yet I don’t see anyone looking at an eight year old for advice.

I’m glad to research and find new ways to increase my ability to write, imagine ideas, and move my career as a writer forward. I’m not waiting for inspiration to strike. I’m seeking knowledge and spreading it around like peanut butter and jelly. We’re writers, so we should be able to write many words and make complete sense under an hour or whatever amount of time you put into your prose. If you desire to write, but aren’t writing what is the problem? What is holding you back? When you find those answers, you’re off to a great start. Improves the mood of your mind too.

Lastly I must say congrats to Novak Djokovic and Simone Halep. Incredible tennis! The Balkans took over Wimbledon. I’m sure Shawn is happy 🙂 Until next time, write on friends. Be positive, because positivity is better than negativity. Peace!

Life is a Story

Good evening WordPress. How was your day? Hopefully a good one. My day was pretty good. I spent a majority of today reading. Reading books on storytelling and all those wonderful tips.

empty road towards mountains

Kindle Unlimited is free for the next three months. This deal is only for a limited time, so I took the opportunity and have downloaded a few books. I’m enjoying each of the books I’ve downloaded. From what I’ve learned so far, I’m learning at a rapid pace. I didn’t expect it, but the faster I read the more information I’ve learned and it’s stuck within my subconscious mind. I read a couple chapters, break for about an hour. and start in again later on. I’m planning to read some more after I finish this post. Hermione Granger would be proud of me.

I’m overwhelmed with joy right now. I set out to write a novel a few years ago, but didn’t really understand the process. I practiced and practiced, yet still was lost until I hit the books. I’ve read so many articles from the web and inside of books and the puzzle pieces are coming together. I wish I could explain this to everyone here, but I think it’s something each person must learn at their own pace. And it’s good to learn. It’s good to study and grasp knowledge. It teaches us new skills. Skills we can use to benefit lives.

Some look at stories as products, but I look at them as what they really are. Art. Art is what a story really is. A significant one anyways. And art is a beautiful thing. You can share so much through a simple story. A story generations will read and enjoy. It sounds funny when you think about it like that, but it’s true.

I’m scared to look at my old posts, because most of them are probably rubbish, but I’m glad I shared them. They mark my growth as a writer and how far I’ve come. Plus I’m thankful. I’m thankful for everyone who has entered my life and shared so much wonderful advice. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support. If you’re one of those people, because you probably are, pat yourself on the back.

Life is a story. And a story is a journey. The outcome is the destination. If you set out on a journey, make sure you have a destination planned out. You wouldn’t believe where a simple idea can take you. If you have a dream or just an idea don’t be afraid to pursue it. It may not make much sense to you today, but in time you’ll figure it out. And there is always someone out there willing to help you accomplish your goals. Enjoy the journey!

Evening Post #2 Should You Really Write Everyday

Good evening WordPress. How was your day? Hopefully it was a good one. My day was alright. I got some bad, yet good news? If you’ve read my previous posts then you may remember me mentioning I had laser eye surgery the last two weeks. The surgeries went mostly well, so today I went back for a check up. They were suppose to be able to look at the eye and notice if things were ok or not ok. Neither went according to plan.

person using laptop
Photo belongs to Kaitlyn Baker Unisplash

You see, my eyes are dark. Really dark, so it’s a little difficult for them to shine a light on the eyes and notice every little detail, so I will have to have another go at surgery, so the doctor can open the eye some more and see what they’re suppose to see. The latest surgery will be Tuesday morning, which means I will have to get up super early again and go through the same process a third time. I’m a little frustrated, but I’m ok. No pain. No gain. I guess.

Because of these eye issues, I haven’t spent much time writing, yet my courage to write hasn’t left me. In some ways it seems to have grown stronger. You see friends, I’ve lately been reading from a book called The Novel Writing Blueprint( by Jill Harris). Without a doubt, this is the greatest book on writing a novel I’ve ever read. And I’ve read a handful of them these past few years. I don’t want to spoil the goods, but if you desire to write and publish novels, like me, I encourage you strongly to read this book. I’ve devoured every, single page I’ve read so far. It’s one of those books best to read and discover the joy for yourself. I downloaded it from Kindle. It cost about $4.99 US.

Many claim you should write every day to become a better writer. Although I agree, to some degree, I think reading more and writing less is just as important as writing each and everyday. Every book was written by someone, unless it was created by AI, so reading words can definitely improve your prose too. Thank you Jill Harris for writing such an inspirationally creative book.

I’m so excited to finally watch season three of Stranger Things! We’ve had to wait a year and half to view this season. The wait will be over in a few hours. I’m hopeful to binge watch the first couple episodes tomorrow evening. My plans are to binge watch the entire season within a week. I’m anxious to figure out what may happen next and where the season three final will leave us. Hopefully season 4 returns much sooner than season three. I shouldn’t have to ask this, because it’s common sense, but please…. No spoilers. Thank you.

Being the 4th of July, I’ll also be watching fireworks and the good ole Nathan’s Hotdogs competition. It’s disgusting and I feel for the stomach’s of each competitor, none the less it’s probably my favorite event of the holiday. There is something charming and heroic about adult men and women shoving hotdog’s down their throats. If you find this bizarre, go watch some Asian game shows. There are stranger things out there, beside’s food eating competitions. My brother will also be home for the weekend. He’s been away in Europe, sailing the globe. I’m interested to hear his thoughts on Europe and all that good stuff.

Hopefully all goes well on Tuesday. I’ll let you guys know how the events of Tuesday go down in a few days as well as my personal opinion on season three. Happy 4th of July to my American friends. Sorry not sorry to my British pals. I love you guys. Y’all did burn down the white house in the war of 1812, so I guess we’re even.

Safe Season One Review

I binge watched a Netflix Series called Safe. Safe is a true crime, thriller starring Michael C Hall. Safe takes place in small English community, holding tons of secrets. There is eight episodes within the first season of Safe, so I watched them in about a week and a half and enjoyed every minute this show offered us.

Image result for safe netflix

So Michael C Hall plays this surgeon/father named Tom. Tom recently lost his wife( who was battling cancer) and now he’s left to care and protect his two daughters Jenny and Carrie. I had to go on IMDb to remember the youngest girls name lol. Anyways things get suspicious when Jenny goes missing. Jenny attended a party at a friends house the night before, but never returned home nor responds to her father’s multiple calls or texts. Days pass by, yet Jenny remains missing. And to make matters worse Chris, her boyfriend, is found dead in a local lake. Chris also went to the same party Jenny was at, so Tom grows more nervous and desperate to find his daughter, so he gets involved with the investigation being run by his new lover/girlfriend Sophie. Although it’s kinda creepy and over the top, Tom had a tracker placed on Jenny’s phone, so when she messages someone else or goes someplace he’s able to follow her every step from his cell phone. Each episode follows Tom and his friends searching for clues behind Jenny’s disappearance as well as why Chris is dead.

I enjoyed Safe. Safe is a nice little true crime, who done it show. Although the series is only eight episodes, each episode did the whole series justice. It kept me interested and kept me on the edge of my seat. Certain plot points are a bit predictable, but being such a good story I gave those minor errors a pass. The characters were the best part.

I’ve never watched Dexter, so this is the first time I’ve watched the actor known as Michael C Hall. Michael C Hall is a brilliant actor. He portrays this character so well. Tom is a character who has experienced an enormous amount of trauma. Because of his past mistakes, he feels like he let his wife and children down. Rachel urges Tom to protect her girls before her death. Tom keeps this promise close to his heart.

Safe has many interesting characters, yet my favorite character is Pete Mayfield( Marc Warren). Pete is Tom’s best friend. He’s like the ultimate sidekick. His character is very funny and sweet. He reminded me a lot of Ron Weasley. There is a moment in the show where Pete mentions a person named Harry. Just the way he spoke the name Harry reminded me so much of the Weasley boy. Pete has many hilarious lines and moments in this show. I don’t want to spoil any of those moments if you haven’t watched Safe.

I also enjoyed the message within this series. The show follows a bunch of characters with problems. problems they either won’t face or don’t care to confront. They continue to lie and lie until those lies eventually get out and ruin them. Lying is bad, yet pretending a situation isn’t bad is like one of the worst things you can do. No matter how terrible the crime was you must admit the truth or else live with the guilt forever. This show really drove that message home.

I believe Safe first appeared on Netflix last year. It doesn’t seem like the series will return, but you never know. I’m happy with how this show went down. They wrapped everything up, so if they brought it back it could get really messy. That’s sort of the problem with a show featuring crime. If the crime is solved, you have to create another crime which wouldn’t make much sense. But overall I enjoyed this series. If you like crime shows with elements of family and relationship I’d say give Safe a shot. A nice series to binge watch and complete before the season three premiere of Stranger Things. We’re so close!

Flash Fiction Challenge#5 Magic

Jenny sat beside Thomas, hoping her friend would finally catch a fish. She wants to return home and out of this miserable heat. But the boy couldn’t catch a single fish. Not one. Another thirty minutes flew by without hooking any fishing.

woman blowing sprinkle in her hand
Photo belongs to Almos Bechtold

” Alright,” Thomas sighs” Lets go home,”

As Thomas gathers his fishing supplies, Jenny mutters a spell under her breathe toward the lake. Within moments a large trout appears. The trout leaps out of the water and flips and flops on the grassy shore.

” I don’t believe it,” Thomas said with his mouth wide open” Am I dreaming?”

Jenny pats Thomas’s back. She smiles and says” I guess it was….. magic… Plus you’re such a great fishermen.”

I came across this challenge on Johannethegeek’s page and decided to join in. Thank you for the inspiration.

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