The Who I Am Tag

The Who I Am Tag was originally created by  Life and Other Disasters. I came across this post from Michelle’s page over here> post This tag look very cool, so here is my Who I Am Tag. First off let me say Happy Valentine’s Day and give a special shoutout  to Michelle who has just reached over 1,000 follows! Truly amazing and she definitely deserves it. I also went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom yesterday and had a lovely time. Ok lets get into this tag! What is the Meaning of My Name? My  full name is Matthew, but I go by … Continue reading The Who I Am Tag

Pats Stun the Falcons

During the game I sent out this tweet. Today I look back at it and laugh. I can't see this New England team pulling off this deficit. Crazier things have happen tho. — Matt Wells (@GarnetNGold22) February 6, 2017 Leading up to this match up, I kept going back and forth on who I thought would win. At first I thought New England. Everything seem to go their way this season after the ridicules deflate-gate scandal. On the other hand, the Atlanta Falcons are a team not to be reckoned with. Atlanta is loaded, so I finally decided that Atlanta … Continue reading Pats Stun the Falcons

Finding Dory Film Review

Last summer Pixar returned us to the Big Blue in Finding Dory. Can you believe it’s been fourteen years since Finding Nemo splashed at the big screen? Thanks to Netflix adding Finding Dory I was able to watch it last night.  Here is my  recap. A year later after Finding Nemo, Dory begins to get flashbacks remembering her parents. She gets captivated by her short memories, hoping to find her parents. With help from Marlin and Nemo they head off toward the coast of California in search of Dory’s parents. They make some new friends along the way as well as learn the point of a real … Continue reading Finding Dory Film Review

Criticism is a Tough Pill to Swallow

Recently I found myself an editor. I was truly grateful to finally have an editor, because most tales I write are only seen by my  own two eyes. It felt great, finding someone with experience in the business to review my ideas. I guess it is expected, yet I thought my editor would enjoy my plot and give some praise right away. On the other hand, I got criticized and shown more fault than perfection within my rough draft. Criticism really is a tough pill to shallow. When I was first told about the mistakes I felt a bit of … Continue reading Criticism is a Tough Pill to Swallow

Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

First off, allow me to say that I firmly believe Netflix should be paying me by now to write reviews. We could have a great partnership going here.  It could lead me to my own great fortune. Anyways forget about my unfortunate events and take a moment of your time to read my review on this peachy, new series. Please do not look away! A Series of Unfortunate Events is  based on the children book series by author Lemony Snicket. There was also a film based on the books from 2004 starring Jim Carey as Count Olaf which in my opinion, wasn’t   a  terrible film, … Continue reading Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Rafael Nadal is a True Champion

Last night in Austrialian Open’s 2nd men’s semi final Rafael Nadal battled, served, and volleyed   to the final shot against his  Belgin opponent.  It took 5 brutal sets for Nadal to break Gregor Dimitrov’s wicked serve leading toward another epic victory. The Spanish phenom is set to face his long time rival Roger Federer in the Aussie final. This will be the twenty first time Nadal has made a grand slam final apperance. As today went by I thought back to how much Rafael Nadal has impacted my life.  Back in late 2003  around 7 or 8 years old … Continue reading Rafael Nadal is a True Champion


Lets face it humans are the most hypocritical and blameful beings on earth. We like to judge others. Whenever a celebrity or a local town fool does something incredible stupid we jump into social media mode and attack, attack, attack! We enjoy throwing stones at  houses made out of glass.  Worst of all is how we cannot blame ourselves.  Yes, you do make mistakes just like everyone else you’re blaming you sinful beast!  For some reason, man  finds a thrill from judgment. We look at judgement like an end to all of our problems which is really a lame excuse. Man really likes to blame … Continue reading Judgement